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Local farm welcomes birth of multiple lambs


While it may be spring, it is also lambing season.

Many of the sheep at Fenek Farms, just outside of Regina, gave birth to their lambs earlier this week.

“A couple nights ago I was at home, in bed, and I get a call and craziness is happening on the farm, I run out and right away I’m in sheep,” said Madison Croissant, farm manager at Fenek Farms.

It wasn’t just one lamb per ewe.

“There is a lot of quadruplets, there’s triplets, there’s twins,” added Croissant.

Josef Buttigieg, the owner and operator of the farm, said having multiple lambs per sheep is not unusual.

“Just for us, the unique aspect for is the number of quads that we have had. We have had now three sets of quads, three sets of triplets and a bunch of twins. Twenty-six lambs off of eight births and we still have another 90-ish ewes to go.”

What seems like a simple mating and ovulation process to bring the lambs into the world is actually not. Buttigieg said there is much more to it.

“We try to fatten them up and it sort of kills two birds with one stone if you will. Better fat content on them actually causes them to ovulate multiple times so they’ll actually have more babies as a result of it and better fat content also allows them to deal with the harsh winters that we have here,” he said.

There are more lambs to be birthed. The workers continue to remain on high alert, patiently waiting for more spring arrivals. Top Stories

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