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Local restaurant takes to social media to address customer behaviour


A Regina restaurant is speaking out about unacceptable customer behaviour and toxic masculinity.

Early Monday morning, Tim Rogers, co-owner of the Lancaster Taphouse, posted on the restaurant’s social media about how customers have been harassing its staff, particularly the women.

Rogers said there has always been inappropriate behaviour in the service industry, but he has seen an increase in aggression over the last few months.

“Towards our female managers and general managers and it does seem to come from primarily a small group of men,” Rogers said. “It’s the way they communicate, it’s how they talk down to the staff.

He added that toxic masculinity and harassment will not be tolerated in his establishment and if customers cannot respect that they will be asked to leave.

YWCA Regina said it also has noticed an increase in this behaviour and has been working with restaurants to stop it.

“People don’t realize how damaging it is and how it can affect women and for the most part, young women,” YWCA CEO Melissa Coomber-Bentsen said.

She said the YWCA offers training for managers and staff on how to handle these kinds of situations.

Rogers said this is something he is looking into.

He added that the post has received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments in support and solidarity.

“We’re really hoping that we’re going to play a huge role in seeing not small, some major change, in the restaurant industry, service industry and everywhere,” he said. Top Stories

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