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Masking in Sask. health facilities to revert back to pre-pandemic rules, province says

According to the Government of Saskatchewan, a change in policy is coming for mask mandates in the province’s health care facilities.

Everett Hindley, minister for rural and remote health, spoke to reporters on April 3 and revealed the coming change in policy.

“So we’d revert back to the previous policy, which again, masks would still be available and optional, if somebody should choose that they feel they’re more comfortable wearing masks,” he explained.

“But again, it becomes optional once the policy is changed tomorrow [April 4].”

The policy will affect visitors, patients and staff according to Hindley.

When asked if the government is concerned with a rise of the viral load of COVID-19 that may result following the change, Hindley said the decision was made alongside senior health officials in the province.

“We’re watching this stuff very carefully … as we always do, but we reached a decision point. In consultation and with the agreement of individuals like Dr. Shahab and Dr. Susan Shaw, the decision was made,” he explained.

“Reviewing it with the current viral load, the data we have right now in terms of COVID-19 in the province, they were comfortable with making this decision and making the move to the previous policy.”

Hindley went on to say that “precautions” will be taken if COVID-19 resurges in some capacity.

“We want to ensure that with COVID-19, we are treating the same as other respiratory illnesses,” he said.

“So, to continue to monitor it and if there is an outbreak, the same with any other respiratory illness in a high risk facility, such as a long term care home that we take the appropriate precautions.”

The policy change is set to be officially announced on April 4.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) consists of 61 hospitals, 117 primary care facilities, 155 long term care facilities and two labs across the province. Top Stories

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