Some paramedics in Moose Jaw are trading their ambulances for bicycles.

Mike Slater, a paramedic with Moose Jaw and District EMS, is among the first responders using bikes instead of emergency vehicles.

“The bikes don’t replace anything that we do; (they) just enhance the care we provide,” Slater said.

Several Canadian cities, including Regina, have added bikes to their fleet of emergency vehicles. Along with reducing their carbon footprint, Moose Jaw EMS wants to be closer to the public.

The well-equipped bikes have several advantages over ambulances, including easier access to walking paths and community events.

“We’re on the bike its small the paramedics are able to interact with people a lot more readily as opposed to being in the ambulance,” Slater said. “That’s where it provides a very huge benefit.”

Medics in Moose Jaw must be certified through an online bike safety course before trading their four wheels for two.

Based on a report by CTV Regina’s Cally Stephanow