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'More damage than you realize': City of Regina preparing for pothole season


With spring now here, Regina is preparing for the result of melted snow: potholes.

Many around the city appear to be small but can put a big dent in your pocketbook.

“The most common damage is on the sidewall of the tire,” said Jai Deep, Value Tire manager and owner. “[Potholes] do more damage than you realize and most people don’t realize there is bulging until you tell them.”

Deep said a new tire and rim combo could cost up to $1,500.

“Depending on car make, model and type of rim,” he said.

The City of Regina receives about 1,000 service calls for potholes every year.

Chris Warren, manager of roadways and transportation, suggested residents make a service request if a pothole is a nuisance in your neighbourhood.

However, there is a list of priority.

Crews will focus on potholes on expressways and higher traffic roads first.

“The more traffic on a road, the more pressure on a pothole and the more opportunity and risk for damage,” he said. “Then we move into the residential.”

Warren said it usually takes the city six to eight weeks to deal with the high-traffic roads.

“We really try to get out and get those completed to start the season,” he said. “[Residential] roads are lower volume traffic and mostly servicing the people that live on those streets.”

The city’s construction season starts in May so crews may temporarily fill potholes with a cold mix.

Warren said they could circle back with a more permanent fix later in the year.

Deep provided some tips to reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle should you drive over a pothole.

“Don’t try to duck them and just slow down,” he said. “A different size wheel or tire could also get you more sidewall.” Top Stories

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