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NDP call for investigation after Sask. Government House Leader accused of carrying gun in legislature


The Saskatchewan NDP are calling for an investigation into whether or not Government House Leader Jeremy Harrison once brought a gun to the legislature after being accused by legislative Speaker Randy Weekes.

Weekes spoke of the mistreatment he said he endured during his time as speaker on the closing day of spring session at the legislature that included claiming Harrison once brought a hunting rifle inside the legislative building.

The NDP says that’s an allegation that is too serious to overlook.

“You know, an investigation into those very concerning allegations I think is warranted,” NDP leader Carla Beck said.

Beck said they are currently considering their options when it comes to what type of investigation could be launched.

“We’ll continue to look into the levers that we have. I would hope that the premier is serious about this as well,” Beck said.

Scott Moe says he has already spoken with Harrison and last week said that Weekes accusations are unequivocally false.

“You know, I did follow up a little bit with the member that many of accusations were directed at. I’ve been informed that they are all unequivocally false,” Moe said last week.

The NDP also want someone to rule on the appropriateness of text messages sent to the speaker by some government members, including Harrison.

“I think there’s a concern there about the rules of the legitimate assembly.”

A former Speaker of the house says the rules do allow members to question Speaker rulings.

“It is not appropriate to engage in conversation about rulings made outside the House. There’s only one place to do it and it’s in public,” former Speaker Glenn Hagel said.

The NDP still want to hear from the person at the centre of the controversy, however the government says Jeremy Harrison currently is not available.

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