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'One of the worst experiences of my life': Regina senior evicted from government housing unit

A Regina senior is out on the street after being evicted from a government housing unit.

Evelyn Harper says she was given only three days to prepare before being escorted out by a sheriff.

“They told me I’m disabled and I needed help with either living with somebody or going into a place that somebody could help me more. But I’ve lived there for four years. I’ve been as disabled from the moment I went there so I don’t know why all of a sudden it’s made a difference,” Harper told CTV News on Friday.

On Monday, Harper’s case was heard by the rentalsman.

“The next day, a sheriff came to my door and said to me you’re being evicted and you have to be out by Friday,” she explained.

On Friday morning, the sheriff returned.

“The sheriff was there and kicking me out to go live out on the street I guess. That was one of the worst experiences of my life. I’ve never been evicted and I’ve never been homeless before,” Harper said.

Last weekend, seniors were forced to leave a privately owned care home on equally short notice. The minister responsible for seniors expressed deep concern.

“I’ve tasked my staff to ensure that the families and the staff have the available resources that they need to ensure a smooth transition,” said Tim Mcleod, minister responsible for seniors.

The Government of Saskatchewan said Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky is reviewing the circumstances of the eviction and he will look into the situation further.

“I just feel so bad for these people who are homeless now. You know, now I see what they go through and it’s just a terrible, terrible thing,” Harper said.

In an emailed statement from the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, it said “housing authorities work with tenants to meet the obligations of their tenancy agreements.”

“If housing authorities are unable to come to a successful resolution with a tenant, they then may proceed with terminating the lease,” the statement read.

The Regina senior wishes that she had been provided with more time to find a place to live. She hopes someone will come forward with a housing offer. Top Stories

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