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Pair of moose spotted taking a tour of Regina's Normanview neighbourhood


Residents in Regina’s northwest neighbourhoods were in for a surprise over morning coffee, when several moose appeared to be taking a stroll through the streets.

The two cows were spotted on Pickard Street at around 7:30 Tuesday morning.

Diana Wilson said she wasn’t expecting to see the pair in plain view outside her front window.

“I looked and couldn’t believe seeing these two moose. So I quickly grabbed my phone and took a few pictures,” she told CTV News.

“It was amazing actually that they stood there for a good minute or so before they moved along.”

Other sightings continued throughout the morning.

By chance, David Shannon captured a video of one of the furry travellers on his newly installed camera.

Shannon had installed it the night before to catch whoever or whatever was eating his rose bushes.

He told CTV News he believes he’s finally caught the culprit.

“I hooked them up last night after we got back from a long weekend of camping and the first thing in the morning today, besides the traffic, was the moose going across the front lawn,” he chuckled.

“I saw that there were two notices on my phone and I looked at it and I thought, ‘What is that going by so quickly?’ I showed my wife and said, ‘I think we found our vandal.’”

Shannon said he never thought he’d see a moose travel as far as it did into Regina.

“It’s the first time, I wouldn’t expect it this far in. I could see maybe by the RCMP, by the park, but not this far.”

“It’s not everyday you get one right in the city.”

The City of Regina did confirm it received one call regarding a moose sighting.

According to the ministry of corrections, policing and safety as well as Regina police, conservation officers were actively tracking three moose in three neighbourhoods in north Regina Tuesday morning.

As of 2 p.m., officers immobilized two of the animals and relocated them to a safe location outside of Regina.

Officers were reportedly still working to relocate the third moose. The ministry went on to say that officers would also be responding to reports of a moose in Pilot Butte.


“Moose, deer and other wild animals move around looking for suitable habitat, food or mates and in doing so may occasionally approach urban areas,” the statement from the ministry read.

“Often, animals will move along on their own. Depending on the location and circumstances, officers may first try to encourage an animal to move out of town, or may try to immobilize and relocate the animal.”

The ministry reminded residents that moose are large and unpredictable so keeping your distance is key.

If a moose wanders into town or city limits, residents should contact their local conservation officer, or call the Turn In Poachers and Polluters (TIPP) line at 1-800-667-7561 or 911.

More information about wildlife safety can be found on the ministry’s website. Top Stories

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