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Premier Moe pledges action on housing, affordability following byelection losses

Following Regina’s byelections last week, Premier Scott Moe says the message from voters has been received loud and clear.

Moe is now pledging the government must do more to help Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable.

“How do we more broadly support our communities and those who are the most vulnerable and have some of the most complex – often mental health and sometimes addictions challenges in our communities to ensure that they have a pathway to recovery and a pathway to a better life,” Moe said, while addressing media last week.

“So we’ve heard that message.”

The Premier believes that concerns about housing and the cost of living were two messages delivered to his government with the byelection results.

The Sask. Party held onto the riding of Lumsden-Morse but lost both Regina Walsh Acres and Regina Coronation Park to the Saskatchewan NDP.

“I think you can look for the government to be taking that message very seriously,” Moe added.

Rally Around Homelessness – a group that works with the unhoused – says “prove it” in response to the Premier’s pledge.

Eariler this month, Regina police removed two tent communities. One in front of Regina’s City Hall and the other in the former site of Taylor Field.

One of the organizers of the city hall camp – Brittany Cook – says the government must do more.

“We need funding in the homeless community and we need funding in the addictions community,” she said.

“The Sask Health Authority needs to step up. Sandra Masters needs to step up. Even federal needs to step up. Like this has gone too far. We have solutions.”

The Premier didn’t say what action he had in mind but says the government must listen to the message delivered and consider what it can do to address the concerns. Top Stories

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