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Province announces 36 new virtual treatment spaces for those needing addictions supports

Mental health

The province has announced 36 new virtual outpatient treatment spaces for Saskatchewan residents in need of addictions supports.

The announcement was made on Monday and according to mental health and addictions minister Everett Hindley, the outpatient spaces will begin coming online this spring through EHN Canada.

"The 36 virtual treatment spaces will provide greater accessibility across the province, including rural and northern Saskatchewan, reflecting the importance of meeting people where they're at in their journey to recovery," Hindley said in a news release.

The province says the virtual model offers greater accessibility, especially for people living in northern and remote areas.

The program requires at least nine hours of structured treatment per week, including virtual group and individual counselling sessions.

It’s an eight week intensive program, followed by 10 months of aftercare.

The government has funding to add 100 more treatment spaces, the majority of which will be at traditional facilities.

The 36 virtual spaces announced on Monday follow the 14 post-treatment spaces announced for St. Joseph's Addicion Recovery Centre in March, totally 50 new spaces so far, according to the province. Top Stories

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