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'Really, really amazing': Community members come together for Diwali celebrations in Regina

The Hindu festival of lights known as Diwali was quite the occasion in Regina. Members from all corners of the community gathered to celebrate one of the most important occasions in Hinduism.

Diwali is recognized by various religions, which makes it an opportunity for people of different backgrounds to join together and celebrate.

“Diwali is celebrated by everyone,” Biplob Das, president of the Regina Hindu Temple.

“So we have different communal celebrations but Diwali is celebrated by all communities so they can all come together and celebrate together with fireworks and food.”

The Regina Hindu Temple – which has operated for the past 31 years – hosted festivities throughout the day.

For many celebrating, it’s a tradition which goes back farther than they can remember.

“When we are kids we have so much passion about Diwali, we are waiting for months and months for the gifts and the sweets and the firecrackers,” Vice-President of the temple Vikas Prasher explained.

“[We] enjoy a lot.”

Many of those in attendance grew up in India, and explain that the holiday is an annual way to connect to their roots.

“Having a celebration in Canada here, like the way we celebrate back home, it feels really, really amazing,” Das added.

The festivities will conclude with fireworks at the end of the day. Top Stories

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