The city of Regina says red light cameras at high-risk intersections have been replaced as part of the Red Light Safety Program.

The goal of the program is to change driver behaviour at these intersections by handing out tickets for violating traffic signals.

The cameras were replaced at the intersections of Albert Street and Saskatchewan Drive, Albert Street and Parliament Avenue, and Lewvan Drive and Dewdney Avenue.

The program will begin on Saturday. Drivers will have a 60-day grace period, where drivers will receive warnings for running red lights at the intersections with cameras. After Feb. 1, there will be $230 tickets for violations. The tickets will be issued by the Regina Police Service.

The city says it hopes to see a decrease in high-impact collisions at the intersections with lights.

The city has had the program in place since 1999, but the previous infrastructure needed to be replaced. New digital cameras were recently installed, replacing a system that hadn’t issued a ticket since 2016.