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Regina city council approves $35 million housing project, amid opposition from some residents


In an effort to expand city-wide housing options, a zoning change was approved to allow four units per residential lot after being discussed at length at city hall on Wednesday.

It comes as part of an agreement made with the federal government to build 1,000 homes in the city within the next three years.

“We need to invest in higher density along our transportation routes and so the city looks very different than 50 years ago,” Mayor Sandra Masters said following council on Wednesday evening. “So it will continue to involve and what I’m hoping for is that a couple projects go ahead and that revitalization especially in our city’s centre core can happen.”

Under the agreement, the Housing Accelerator Fund will provide $35 million for the project to the City of Regina.

The prospect of four unit lots is intended to allow greater density among urban corridors by increasing height limits (up to six stories), and ensuring more homes can be built in already established neighbourhoods.

Those living in these neighbourhoods however, aren’t so keen on the idea.

A total of 12 delegates were on the agenda to speak to the topic, 10 of which were not in favour of the plan, citing aesthetics, parking and community character as concerns.

“The proposed plan alters dramatically this landscape and many of our families have made decisions on where to buy homes based on realities you are changing,” said one delegate, Angela Ell from the Al Ritchie Community Association.

Both those on city council voted in favour of the plan, citing a need for housing that outweighs these concerns.

“What do we do with the extra ten million people in Canada who have come in the last decade? What do we do with young people who can’t afford homes anymore?” said Coun. Bob Hawkins in response to a delegate.

“How is it possible to say ‘If I buy a home, 30 years ago, I’m gonna know at the end of the 30 years there’s gonna be no change?” Top Stories

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