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Regina daycare expansion approved despite traffic concerns


Regina city council has approved a daycare expansion in Harbour Landing despite a number of safety and traffic concerns brought up during debate.

Sumera Asif runs a daycare out of her home that provides services for 12 children. Asif submitted a proposal to expand into an “institution daycare” to accommodate up to 30 kids.

“I see more support for this daycare than opposition,” said Coun. Andrew Stevens during Wednesday's meeting.

“I appreciate the concerns, but again I’m going to weigh in favour of childcare which is desperately needed.”

City administration recommended that council deny the discretionary use application as the development “does not comply with the applicable parking requirements” and “is not reasonably compatible with neighbouring uses at the proposed location.”

“It will adversely impact adjacent properties due to the nature of the development resulting in traffic congestion and parking issues,” according to a city report.

According to Asif, only five families use her services at the moment, which means five vehicles are picking up and dropping off a total of 12 kids at different times throughout the day.

The daycare estimates that approximately 10 families would benefit from their services in the expansion.

One mother, whose child attends the daycare, told council that pickup and drop-off is very efficient. She said there are always parking spots in the driveway or on the street, and she is only parked for five minutes at the most.

However, city administration consulted neighbours living in the seven surrounding homes. All of them said there is congestion on the street.

“With 30 (children) we can only imagine the congestion is much worse,” Hawkins said.

“I am the councillor for this ward and I desperately hope no child is injured.”

Hawkins was one of four councillors who voted against the expansion, citing safety concerns and traffic congestion as his main reasons for his opposition. Top Stories

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