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Sask. film industry to get boost from high tech 'Volume' production stage


A virtual production stage called a “Volume,” that allows filmmakers to create worlds within a studio, is destined for Regina.

“So we utilize LED panels and LED technology integrated in with computer systems to create a virtual environment that’s actually projected in real time,” Dante Yore, chief technical officer of Volume Global, explained.

“So instead of using a traditional green screen we are actually able to project that environment in real time so that the actors are able to see it, or cameras are able to see it.”

Volume Global's virtual production stage has been used in many film and television productions, including in the well-known Disney+ series "The Mandalorian."

There are only twelve Volume production studios in the world, including one in Toronto and another in Vancouver. The equipment typically costs around $10 million. The one being installed in Regina next month is said to have the highest resolution anywhere.

“The stage itself is a 295 degree circle and it expands 80 to 85 feet in diameter by the time the build is done and then it will span about thirty feet tall,” said Yore.

It will be a major boost for Saskatchewan’s film industry, which hasn’t seen a major movie shot in the province in nearly a decade. A $20 million production has already been booked.

According to Ken Alexce, of the Saskatchewan Production Industry Association (SMPIA), this boost is already felt by those working in the industry.

“People getting jobs who have had to leave the industry. Now they’re back. Overnight our membership has increased from 140 to 240 and it’s just going to grow,” he said.

Actors like Alain Moussi are excited about the opportunity to perform on a virtual set.

“We’re going to be utilizing technology that’s used on these major shows on Disney like ‘The Mandalorian,’” the Ottawa actor explained.

“We’re actually going a step further and our digital wall is going to be the most advanced digital wall in the world.”

The biggest benefit may be the cost savings. Any filming location in the world can be digitally created from this studio in Saskatchewan. Top Stories

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