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Sask. may consider ban on cellphone use in classrooms


Saskatchewan may consider a ban on cellphone use in classrooms.

It follows Ontario’s recent announcement of a ban starting this fall. Children in Kindergarten to Grade 6 won’t be allowed to touch their phones during the school day while older students can use them during breaks only.

Premier Scott Moe believes a classroom ban would keep the focus on learning.

“That’s something I think is fair to say that not only us but other provinces are having a look at as well. You know, really ensuring that the learning environment that we have in our K to 12 system is paramountly focused on just that,” he explained.

Moe said the discussion that they’ve had in the province over the last several months has been around how to support educators and their students.

“I think you can only have that support provision conversation with ensuring that we are looking at non-financial opportunities as well to ensure that our children are in the best learning environment that they can be,” he said. “I think it’s fair to say that not only Saskatchewan, but other provinces will be looking at that as well.” Top Stories

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