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Sask. workplace injuries up slightly in 2021: workers' compensation board

Workplace injury file photo Workplace injury file photo

The Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) reported a slight increase to the provincial injury rate in 2021, according to its annual report.

The injury rate for 2020 was 2.56 per 100 workers; while 2021 saw it increase to 4.56 per 100 workers, according to a release by the Saskatchewan WCB.

“While our injury rates saw a slight increase in 2021, our total injury rate has decreased over the past decade thanks to the safety efforts of workers, employers, partners and leaders across the province,” WCB chairperson Gord Dobrowolsky said in the release.

Despite the injury rate increase, workplace incidents resulting in death fell to 31 in 2021, as opposed to 34 in 2020.

“Every one of those deaths has had a devastating impact on the loved one’s family and their community,” said Dobrowolsky.

“It is imperative for us all to keep focusing on preventing workplace deaths and serious injuries to eliminate this suffering in Saskatchewan.”

The WCB noted in the release that from 2009 to 2021, the total injury rate for the province has decreased by 51.1 per cent.

“For more than a decade, we have seen employers, workers and safety leaders in our province band together to address safety in our workplaces,” said Don Morgan, Minister Responsible for the WCB.

“As we remain focused on keeping all workers safe, we will continue to see our province’s injury rate decline.”

WorkSafe Saskatchewan, the partnership between the WCB and the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, has extended its three year strategy (2019-2021) into the next five years.

The organization will be reaching out to stakeholders in order to develop the next iteration of the strategy.

“By working together on these initiatives,” said Dobrowolsky. “We can all contribute by bringing our injury rates and fatalities down and keeping all workers safe on the job.” Top Stories

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