REGINA -- Regina police officers who were in contact with Jason McKay directly following his arrest took the stand Wednesday in his second-degree murder trial.

Jason Daniel McKay is charged in the 2017 death of his wife, Jenny.

Const. Rylan Trithart is a patrol member with the Regina Police Service. He and his then partner, Cpl. Clint Veitch, were called to the McKay home in the 200 block of Angus St. in the early morning hours on Sept. 6, 2017.

Trithart said that when he arrived on the scene Jason McKay was already in the back of a patrol car. He said he was asked to follow the patrol car back to the station where Jason would be booked.

Trithart told court it was his understanding that they were transporting someone for murder.

Jason McKay is booked, taken to cells

Trithart said he watched as Jason was removed from the patrol car, and taken in to be booked.

He testified that Jason was agitated and wanted to fight officers throughout the whole process. Trithart added that Jason seemed a bit intoxicated, but wasn’t slurring his words.

“He appeared to have a lot of blood on him, on his clothes, on his skin. It was shocking to be quite honest.” Trithart said.

Trithart watched as another constable took photos and conducted a swab.

At around 4:15 a.m. Trithart was asked to sit watch outside Jason’s cell. He added that this is common practice when someone is booked for murder.

He said he kept watch over Jason for around an hour before being relieved by his partner. Trithart said during this time Jason was more animated as the handcuffs had been removed.

Trithart testified that Jason told him he was on meth. He responded by informing Jason that he did not need to talk to him or tell him anything. Trithart testified that Jason’s eyes did not appear bloodshot or glassy.

Jason continued to speak to Trithart and asked him why he was sitting outside his cell.

At 4:32 a.m. Const. Trithart testified that Jason said “killed my wife”.

Trithart’s partner at the time, Cpl. Veitch took the stand. He had taken note of a number of verbatim quotes uttered by the accused:

“She’s dead I watched her for two hours.”

“Crime scene at my house, that’s gonna hit the news.”

“She got fired today she went on the drink.”

“When I felt her foot I knew she was dead.”

“I’ll be here for the next 25 years. I already know. Wife doesn’t care because she’s dead. I watched her for two hours.”

Jason told Veitch that Jenny had been fired for the fifth time that year, and that he hates his mom.

Prior incidents involving police

The Crown called Const. Correy Wood to testify about a domestic call he attended at the McKay home around a week before the murder.

Jason’s daughter, Alyssa, testified that he shoved her on Aug. 27, 2017 during an argument. Wood said he believed both Jason and Jenny were intoxicated. Charges were not pressed.

Wood testified that Jenny told him that her relationship with Jason was abusive and she was working on a plan to leave the relationship.

After the domestic call, Wood said he checked his police database and saw three previous incidents involving Jason and Jenny.

In one, Jenny is charged with assault with a weapon. The two others have to do with Jason asking for a welfare check on Jenny, due to her drinking.

During cross-examination, the defense said the conversation between Wood and Jenny wasn’t recorded in police records. The defense suggested the conversation did not take place. Wood insists that it did.

Const. Jeremy Kerth took the stand. He was called to the McKay home later that same day, Aug. 27.

He testified that Jason was at home, intoxicated and angry that police had been called a second time.

Kerth said he transported Jason to his mother’s house for the night, but when Jason was let out of the vehicle he took a fighting stance towards Kerth. Kerth said he arrests Jason for breach of the peace.

“F***g chicks are crazy. It’s over, she called the cops on me I’m not abusive. I’m just stern. I’ll smack her right in the head for being stupid though,” Kerth testified Jason said to him.

Three trips to the liquor store

Sgt. Shane Barber, with RPS Major Crimes Unit told court he attended the Last Straw, a liquor store near the McKay home to gather surveillance video footage on Sept. 7, 2017.

Footage played for the court showed Jenny McKay purchasing alcohol three times on the day prior to the homicide.

At 3:09 p.m. Jenny entered the store and purchased a case of Twisted Tea. She and Jason returned at 8:06 p.m. and purchased what appeared to be a bottle of wine. Jenny returned once more, alone, at 10:27 p.m. and purchased a bottle of clear liquor and a pack of cigarettes.

Many of the details presented are under a voir dire, or a trial within a trial, which means the judge will decide which evidence will be considered as part of the trial proper.

The trial is expected to last three weeks.