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Thomson family gives thanks online following after Bella Brave's successful transplant

The social media sensation known as Bella Brave caught up with CTV News since she received a lifesaving bowel transplant.

Bella, who will be turning 10 years old in a couple weeks – is also celebrating her recent bowel transplant.

It's now been three months since Bella received the transplant, which came following a years long wait.

“It’s been going wonderful, the little hiccups we’ve had along the way weren’t scary, and they’ve just been hiccups that our transplant team has expected,” said Bella’s mother, Kyla Thomson.

Bella has been battling with a genetic spontaneous mutation of three rare diseases and dwarfism, which caused her to struggle with no immune system and a non-functioning bowel.

Kyla explained that the transplant team has been keeping Bella monitored and are adjusting her medication as needed.

The family credits a lot of positivity to their growing fan base.

With 6.7 million followers on TikTok, they have an extensive following who have been following Bella’s health journey.

“People that have been with us from the beginning like since Bella was a baby in 2013,” Kyla explained.

“Some that have stayed with us all the way through and some that jump in and learn our story and see where we’re from and what we’re advocating for, so they stick around and help us.”

The duo are still in Toronto for the time being, but both are looking forward to coming home to Saskatchewan in the near future. Top Stories

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