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Travis Patron gets 18-month concurrent sentence for two counts of assault causing bodily harm

Travis Patron is seen in a screenshot from a Canadian Nationalist Party video. (Credit: Canadian Nationalist Party) Travis Patron is seen in a screenshot from a Canadian Nationalist Party video. (Credit: Canadian Nationalist Party)

A judge handed Travis Patron, 31, an 18-month sentence for each of his two convictions of assault causing bodily harm.

However, due to his time already spent in custody, Patron will serve a one-day concurrent sentence for both convictions.

Patron was found guilty of assaulting two Regina teachers, Amanda Ruschiensky and Allison Tokarz, back in November 2019.

As of July 20, 2022, the day Patron was convicted of the assaults, he had been in remand for 390 days with credit for 585 days.

Justice Beverly Klatt summarized the victim impact statements in court on Tuesday before handing down the sentence.

She said the assaults were “extremely serious” and “unprovoked and utterly inexplicable.”

Ruschiensky, who suffered a concussion, said the assault changed her life forever. She now experiences intense headaches and sensitivity to light.

Klatt said the impacts go far beyond physical trauma, adding Ruschiensky continues to face emotional distress, is “on edge and can’t be in large groups.”

“She is not the same person she was before the assault,” Klatt said.

As for Tokarz, who suffered a broken wrist in the assault, Klatt said her “emotional scars have not healed” and she has lost her trust in people.

Klatt told court that Patron “clearly does not have control” of his anger, which “does not bode well for public safety” when he is released.

“I am concerned that without taking responsibility for offending, the public will remain at risk,” Klatt said.

During sentencing submissions last month, Klatt asked if Patron had any remorse for his actions. He responded with “that’s between me and God.”

Before reading out her sentencing decision, Klatt gave Patron the opportunity to speak to the courtroom one last time. He did not.

Crown prosecutor Ryan Snyder was asking the judge for an 18-month sentence, arguing that is a higher-end sentence for this type of charge.

Snyder said he hopes this sentence brings some satisfaction to the victims.

“The criminal justice system never brings complete satisfaction to anybody, I know that. But at least Ms. Ruschiensky and Ms. Tokarz got their day in court. They got a conviction,” Snyder said.

“I know the sentence today isn’t going to fix anybody’s wrist or make anybody’s head feel better, but at least the matter has come to an end now.”

Patron will remain in custody after serving his one-day sentence as he is charged with hate crimes and due back for trial in Estevan next month. Top Stories

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