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Trevor Harris heads to 6 game injured list, Shea Patterson to start on Thursday

Riders head coach Corey Mace speaks to reporters at practice on Sunday. (Lee Jones / CTV News) Riders head coach Corey Mace speaks to reporters at practice on Sunday. (Lee Jones / CTV News)

The Saskatchewan Roughriders will be without quarterback Trevor Harris for a significant amount of time.

At Sunday’s first practice since the bye week, Harris was present but not practicing with a brace on his left knee. Riders head coach Corey mace informed the media that Harris suffered a moderate MCL injury, and has been placed on the six game injury list. However, it is not season ending.

“We’re going to be smart with it as it is a long season. We’re still early into it, so we’re going to put him on the six for now. If he ends up being able to come off of that, then we’ll roll with that but trying to be smart about it like we did on game day,” Mace said on Sunday.

Harris suffered the injury late in the first half versus Hamilton on a tackle by Nick Usher. He returned to the sidelines during the second half with the brace on his left knee, telling the head coach he could play, but the team kept him out.

Last year, it was a tibial plateau fracture on his other leg that ended his season early.

“You got to protect players from themselves. Competitive juices are flying on game day and knowing Trev, he just wants to be out there for his brothers. I though it was the right decision then and it’s the right decision now,” Mace stated.

So with Harris out, Mosaic Stadium turns into Shea Stadium. Shea Patterson will get his first ever CFL start on Thursday versus Toronto. Replacing Harris versus Hamilton, Patterson went 4/10 for 41 yards which Patterson admits was no where near his expectations, as he was just trying to manage the game. For Patterson, nothing changes mentally as the starter.

“I think the only difference is just rep wise, just getting a good feel for everybody and the plays that you’re going to run during the week. We do all that in camp, it’s just having it fresh a couple days before the game,” Patterson told reporters on Sunday.

“Started some big games in SEC and Big Ten, and then obviously the USFL stuff, and moved around the last three and four years playing in different leagues. Coach (Mark) Mueller does a great job of getting us ready and we all put in the extra work. Feeling good about it.”

Patterson’s sentiment is one Mace agrees with.

“The kid does everything right, man. His vehicle is here sometimes before mine which is crazy. Excited for the kid, the team excited to rally around him,” Mace said.

While Harris isn’t playing, he will remain with the team, providing leadership on the sidelines and in the locker room for the other quarterbacks.

“He’s heavy in guys' ears, heavy in Shea’s ear, heavy in Jack’s (Coen) ear… if anything, we just got another coach,” Mace said. Top Stories

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