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'Wasting my time': Councillor Terina Shaw to face possible reprimands over comment toward colleague


Regina city councillor Terina Shaw is facing backlash and potential reprimands over a comment made to a colleague during a virtual council meeting.

According to an integrity commissioner investigation report, the incident in question occurred during an informal meeting on Microsoft Teams on Jan. 19, 2022.

City council members and the mayor witnessed a presentation by the Regina and Region Home Builders Association. In the final minutes of the meeting, during the question and answer portion, Shaw sent out a chat directed at Ward 8 councillor, Shannon Zachidniak.

“Shannon can you please leave your lecturing to a personal conversation instead of wasting my time,” Shaw’s comment read according to the report.

Zachidniak responded by writing:

“Terina, can you please be respectful to your colleagues.”

Zachidniak’s comment was then followed by Shaw stating:

“Respect our time and others who would like to ask questions.”

A complaint of the incident was submitted by Ward 3 councillor Andrew Stevens, alleging that Shaw violated the City of Regina Code of Ethics Bylaw.

The city’s integrity commissioner looked into the incident, speaking to four people during the investigation.

The report noted this was not the first time that Shaw had challenged Coun. Zachidniak on the amount of time she took for questions or comments at a meeting.

According to coun. Stevens’ comments to the commissioner, Shaw “has a tendency to lash out at people in a disrespectful manner.”

The commissioner listed Shaw’s response to the complaint in their report.

“The respondent [Shaw] believed the purpose for her chat comments were that Councillor Zachidniak was taking up too much of the time allotted for questions, not leaving sufficient time for other members of Council to ask questions,” the report read.

The city’s integrity commissioner recommended that Councillor Shaw should receive training or education on how to communicate effectively in a “respectful and courteous manner.”

The compiling of the report costed the City of Regina nearly $14,000.

“All other matters related to the investigation of the complaint took 38.7 hours of resource time and a total cost of $13,702.95,” the report outlined.

The report, and any ramifications for Councillor Terina Shaw are set to be discussed and voted on during the Regina city council meeting on Sept 14.

Possible ramifications include apologizing to those affected, educational training, and removing Shaw from committees and meetings. Top Stories


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