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Another round of severe storms headed for Sask.

Storms have been rolling through the province all week, and as we head into Thursday the story is no different. Atmospheric conditions are ripe for another round of storms across the province, with the most severe potentially looking to impact southern Saskatchewan, particularly south of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Summertime scorcher on the way to kick off June

Welcome to the first week of Meteorological Summer everyone! And to mark the occasion temperatures are headed up to the 30s to start the month off with a bit of a heatwave, that will make it feel a bit more like peak beach weather than early June. So, if you’re a fan of spending as much time as you can outdoors – like I am – in warm sunny conditions you’re in luck with these upcoming temperatures.

Grab the SPF, warm temperatures return to Sask. this week

It’s been a while since we’ve seen consistent warm temperatures in the southern half of the province. We started April with a beautiful stretch of sun and warmth, and since then it’s been a little grey, a little cool and there was a whole lot of snow for a few days there… if you live here, you know.

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