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Wes Cates breaks down 'awesome' start to Riders' season


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have had an “awesome” start to the season, according to former Rider Wes Cates.

“It’s been awesome … It’s a great start to the season and let’s see if we can just keep putting them together,” he said.

Cates and Brit Dort sat down on Wednesday to chat about player performances and what needs to happen to keep up the winning momentum.

“Shea Patterson comes out, looks a little shaky but gets it together. Defense helped him out and then he made some plays,” Cates explained. “AJ [Oullette] seeming to get things going a little better and the defense playing great, finishing games, getting turnovers.”

“So, what is there to be mad about? Not much,” he added.

When asked if Patterson experienced nerves during the last game against Toronto or if he was just trying to click with the offence and understand Argos defense, Cates said he thinks it’s a little bit of both.

“The guys that he’s throwing to might have thrown him off a bit but obviously big stage, you’re going out there, you’re 3 and O, can’t mess this up,” he said. “The Rider fan base, all that in your head, I would imagine that he would have been a little nervous.”

The Riders finished with a 30 to 23 win over the Argos on July 4 and will face the B.C. Lions next on Saturday. According to Cates, it’s going to be a tough game for the Green and White.

“That B.C. Lions offence is looking great,” Cates said. “Vernon Adams, I’ve always been a fan of him. He’s been looking good, He’s almost been simpatico, like right in sync with these receivers.”

“The (Riders) defense is going to have to really focus and get it together… As long as this offense could give them some breaks, give them some rest so they can come back out there and not be winded.”

The Riders will battle the Lions for top spot in the West Division on Saturday at 5 p.m. at B.C. Place in Vancouver.

You can watch the full X’s and O’s segment with Dort and Cates using the video player above. Top Stories

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