REGINA -- Saskatchewan has 12 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, according to a news release from the province.

Of the new cases, four are in the far north, four in the north and four in Saskatoon.


This brings the province to a total of 433 confirmed cases in the province, 122 of which are considered active.


Saskatoon continues to see the most cases with 161, 89 in the north, 81 in the far north, 76 in Regina 15 in the south and 11 in the central region.


Forty-two cases in Saskatchewan are in healthcare workers.

Of the cases 40 are in people under the age of 19, 159 in people aged 20 to 39, 141 in people 40 to 59, 78 in people aged 60 to 79 and 15 cases are in people over 80.

Exactly half of cases are in men and women.


Currently there are 14 people in hospital including three in the ICU.

To date, six people have died in the province and 31,572 tests have been performed.