Approximately 70 cyclists from around the Regina area took part in a unique experience on Saturday, riding along a stretch of the Regina Bypass that has yet to open to traffic.

The ride took place between Highway 6 and Highway 33 and was approximately 20 kilometers in length.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Paul Cutting, a member of the Regina Cycle Club, said before taking off.

The event was organized by the Regina Cycle Club, and featured cyclists from a number of clubs.

Getting access to the bypass wasn’t easy, as parts of the highway are still under construction and are off limits. Permits, insurance and approval from the Ministry of Highways had to be completed before the bikes could hit the road.

Without permission, it is illegal to cycle along unopened parts of the highway.

“Some of the people at [Regina Bypass] told us that it can seem safe at one moment, and then a bunch of machinery can show up because it’s still an active construction site,” Michael Edmonds, an organizer with Regina Cycle Club, said.

Along with fresh pavement, riders had some peace of mind knowing there would be no cars speeding by as they rode, which is a rare occasion.

“It’s always in your mind,” Doris Burden, a member of the Regina Multisport Club said. “If you’re going to do any cycling, you have to be aware of it and be safe and know what to do.”

The Regina Bypass is looking at the possibility of hosting a similar event in September which could include more community members.