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Latest season of survivalist series 'Alone' filmed in Sask., set to premiere June 8

The rugged wilderness of northern Saskatchewan was host to survivalists from all walks of life, vying to win the top prize of the popular series ‘Alone.’

The popular, non-fiction reality survival series’ 10th season is set to premiere on The HISTORY Channel on June 8.

The program follows 10 contestants who were dropped off in undisclosed locations near Reindeer Lake, around 220 kilometres northeast of La Ronge.

Equipped with only a few tools and camera gear, the survivalists had to self document their experiences as they fought against the cruel effects of Mother Nature.

The last remaining contestant wins a $500,000 grand prize.

The production in the province’s north is expected to see around $4.3 million in economic outputs back into Saskatchewan.

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‘Alone’ received $818,534 through Creative Saskatchewan’s Feature Film and TV Production Grant, which offers $12 million to productions annually.

"This is one more example of Saskatchewan's film and television sector beginning to bloom," Creative Saskatchewan CEO Erin Dean said in a news release.

"We've been promoting the diversity of Saskatchewan's topography, and production companies are taking note of what our province has to offer, from sand dunes to prairie grass, and now our remote wilderness.

“We're so excited to see these come to fruition."

The production spent an estimated $2.3 million in Saskatchewan, mainly in the northern region.

"Film is an industry just like agriculture, mining, or oil and gas," Wavelength Entertainment Producer Chris Triffo said in the release.

"I want all the young people to know that this is a viable career. I love Saskatchewan, and I'm not leaving." Top Stories

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