The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan will soon have a new place of worship in east Regina as it works to finalize a deal with the owner of the Pump Roadhouse.

The popular nightclub was home to live entertainment for 46 years. But, the club is about to come down to make room for a new mosque in its place.

The Islamic Association approached Mark Smith, who owns the Pump, to work out a deal for the two-and-a-half acre property.

Munir Haque, president of the Islamic Association, says the location will help house a much-needed mosque for the Sunni Islam community, which has grown to roughly 13,000 people and outgrown its current location.

“On days when it’s a stat holiday or the kids are off school, it’s filled to its capacity, as well as outdoors,” Haque said. “Often we will see people outside praying on their front lawn. There is always a need based on community. People want to worship as close as they can and we are moving into an area that is under-serviced right now. So, this building will be used quite well.”

The association hasn’t said when the agreement will be finalized or how much the project will cost. There are also no concrete details on the mosque’s size or design.