REGINA -- Canada’s premiers are calling for a teleconference with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss “paths to a peaceful resolution and an end to the illegal blockades.”

This update from Premier Scott Moe’s office follows a conference call where The Council of the Federation, a congress of Canada’s premiers, discussed the impact of the protests and rail blockades.

Indigenous leaders are calling for the government to engage with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs to find a mutually beneficial solution to the blockades.

Saskatchewan's economy relies heavily on railways to get products produced in the province to market.

The protests blocking railways across the country are hitting the province hard.

"It's a huge concern for Saskatchewan, and indeed Canada, we're the most trade reliant province in this whole nation and when our rail lines can't get our products to market, it means money out of our pockets, every single hour, every single day," Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce CEO Steve Mclellan said.