REGINA -- The city’s street sweeping program is well underway, moving into residential streets this week. But have you ever wondered what happens to the debris collected during sweeping?

The street sweepings are used as cover material at the city landfill. The city says all of that waste that ends up in the dump needs to be covered on a daily basis and the material picked up by crews on our streets is the perfect fit.

Crews stockpile it for winter because it tends to work better in colder conditions. It does not get broken down or separated further.

There are a number of ways you can help crews during street sweeping periods. Know the routes by visiting the link mentioned before, parking off street on those days or finding another spot, out of the way, to park, and slow down around crews.

You can find the street sweeping schedule and more details about it here.

You can report a problem area by calling city hall by calling 306-777-7000.