REGINA -- A Regina band is releasing their new short album entirely on Instagram, to make it accessible for all of their fans.

Pop Pop Vernac has released three albums already, but for their fourth they wanted to try something different.

Their visual album is called Rapid Fire and as the name suggests, each song is fast and short. The longest track is only about one minute long and the whole album takes about eight minutes to enjoy.

"They had to be short because we were going to put them up on Instagram, so they had to be under a minute," David Schneider, a Pop Pop Vernac band member said.

"People weren't going to be going to shows so we wanted to give people the opportunity to pick us up on their phones,” Steve Maupin, another member of the band added.

The band typically records and writes their tracks all together, but because of the pandemic they did everything alone in their own homes.

"Each person would write one song, then the next person would write another song and we would just adapt more to the persons original thought process," Kurtis Rothecker, a Pop Pop Vernac band member said.

Each member wrote two songs, but for the first track, the band decided to ask someone to write a poem.

"We contacted a friend of ours named Michaela who was actually really happy to oblige and she took some time, we collaborated and she recorded the vocal over a video message,” Matt Carr, a Pop Pop Vernac band member said.

Pop Pop Vernac wanted to give fans the opportunity to enjoy the album for free and on a platform many already have access to. They’ve already started to release a few of their tracks on their Instagram page.

The album will be fully released on Mar. 5.