The Regina Police Service is backtracking on a decision made to stop releasing names of homicide victims for now.

But, it will be looking at making it a permanent change in the future.

New provincial legislation has prompted Regina police to make changes to some of their privacy rules. One rule that changed was whether or not to release the names of homicide victims. On May 29, police changed a longstanding precedent, saying they would no longer release those names.

But government scrutiny made police change their stance and they will continue to release names. The Ministry of Justice said restricting victim’s names was contrary to the legislation, which was intended to free more information to the public, rather than restrict it.

“I was surprised to hear that that was how the legislative change was being interpreted, it certainly was not our desire to have that happen,” Minister of Justice Don Morgan said.

Fougere says a meeting is currently being arranged between the Board of Police Commissioners, the information and privacy commissioner and the ministry of justice to clarify the legislation.

“We need some time to clarify this, what we can and can’t do,” Fougere said. “Until that happens, as chair of the police commission, I will talk with Chief Bray and we will continue with the existing ways we do things. But, we very well may be withholding that information if that is what we decide.”

The decision is expected to be resolved by next month’s Board of Police Commissioners meeting.

With files from CTV Regina's Josh Diaz