REGINA -- Regina restaurants are preparing to close their doors for the second time in a year, due to new restrictions implemented by the Government of Saskatchewan.

The province ordered all restaurants in Regina to shut their doors to dine-in customers as of 12:01 a.m. on Sunday. Take-out and delivery services will still be allowed.

Agave Authentic Mexican Grill opened its doors for the first time on Thursday, but on Sunday they will only be able to fulfill delivery and take out orders.

"We were certainly not expecting that but we also knew things we're not normal whatsoever, so it was a bit of a surprise, but we trust what the provincial government is doing" Sergio Reyna, Chef and Partner of Agave, said Saturday.

"We actually created Agave Express which is like a to-go, pickup and delivery [service] and we already offer that and we are opening [Agave Express] this Monday," Reyna said.

Agave is not the only restaurant that's having to adapt. Memories Dining and Bar learned from last year's lockdown, when they started offering takeout.

Now, instead of opting for third-party delivery services like SkiptheDishes or Door Dash who take portions of their profits, Memories is opting for its own.

"We’ve been working on our own app, so our customers can go to our website, with the click of a button they can order whatever they like and not only that they'll be able to pick it up but we can also deliver to them,” Thomas Siarkos, the owner of Memories Dining and Bar said.

The province implemented a cap on third-party delivery app fees to support restaurants under the restrictions.

“It’s a new thing now so we're very happy and we're very thankful that our customer throughout the 2020 year responded very well and we're very happy to offer that service and we’re very happy that our customers responded to it,” Siarkos said.

Saturday night will be the last opportunity for customers to sit and enjoy their meal. Canadian Brewhouse expects to be at capacity.

“With everything that we're doing right now just to make sure that the spread of COVID doesn't go any further, I do believe we are going to be very busy tonight.” Trevor Friesen, the general manager of Canadian Brewhouse said. “I do think a lot of people will be coming out right at the end trying to get one last hurrah before we shut down tomorrow.”

The public health order is set to stay in effect until April 5.