The Saskatchewan RCMP responded to 3,300 COVID-19 related calls between March 1 and Nov. 30. Of those calls, 49 have resulted in charges. In November, RCMP responded to 342 calls.

The RCMP said the majority of calls were resolved by educating people about the Public Health Orders and the potential consequences that can come from non-compliance.


Throughout November, the RCMP said it received 342 COVID-19 related calls. Those included:

  • 128 complaints of someone not self-isolating
  • 92 large gathering complaints
  • 20 masking complaints
  • 14 traveller check complaints
  • 88 other complaints

RCMP said it charged seven people as a result of those 342 complaints.

Four charges were due to people not self-isolating after being told to by local health authorities. Two of those people were located in the north central region of the province, one was in the far north central region and one was in the far northwest.

Three people were charged for large gatherings. One of those was located in the far northeast, one was in the far north central and was one is the far northwest.

According to RCMP, these charges are not a criminal offence therefore the names of the people charged are not released.

RCMP say the vast majority of calls have been resolved by educating people about the public health orders and say they “haven’t reach that point yet” of replacing education with fines and charges.

“The potential health enforcement consequences for all of these are on a case by case or different situational basis,” said Jessica Murphy with the RCMP.

“Until we receive that call and attend the scene, and then speak to the subject of complaint, we can't really say whether or not we will stop educating people. It's still part of our responsibility.”

RCMP say there have been times where they’ve had to “make multiple visits” to the same person before “it really clicks.”

“The public is still accountable and we are looking to them as well to continue to follow and familiarize themselves with public health orders. There's so many different accessible resources out there to stay informed, and just as we're responsible for ensuring health and safety of others, we'd like to see that with members of the public.”