Scotty the tyrannosaurus rex has been declared the largest t-rex in the world.

A team from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum excavated the historic dinosaur over the course of several years, beginning in 1991.

"Right from the moment scotty was discovered it was clear that this was an exciting find,” Scott Pearsons with the U of A said. “In fact Scotty gets its name because right after it was discovered, the field team wanted to have a celebration and they wanted to raise a glass and toast and the only bottle that they had that seemed appropriate was one of old scotch.”

Scotty lived to be 30 years old which experts say is ancient by t-rex standards. They were unable to determine Scotty’s gender, but said they did learn a bit about its past.

"Scars, growths on bones left from injuries,” Pearsons said. “Scotty has suffered from an infected jaw, broken ribs, it may even have had a chunk of its tail taken out by another tyrannosaurus."

The new exhibit for Scotty will open at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in May, however the exhibit will consist of a replica of the dinosaur.

"What we do is we take the bones, cast them and make a duplicate copy of them. Then we run a whole bunch of metal structures through them to actually make them stand," John Snell with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum explained.