The CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has been reprimanded by the Speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislature over a news conference he held at the building earlier this week.

In a letter obtained by CTV News, Speaker Dan D’Autremont alleges Steve McLellan breached security by providing misleading information to a guard at the front door.

The letter says McLellan told security he was going to the rotunda to meet someone but instead, he held a news conference, in which he released a study on the cost of the film tax credit that was cut in March.

The letter then states that events that aren’t organized by the government or opposition are considered demonstrations or protests, which aren’t allowed inside the legislature.

“This incident forces our hand in ensuring this never happens again,” D’Autremont said in his letter to McLellan.

“Henceforth, when visiting the legislative building, you will be escorted by security to the Speaker’s office, where you will seek permission to attend the room you wish to visit.

“If, and once, permission is granted, you will be escorted to the room, security will wait until you have completed your visit and then you will be escorted back to the door for departure from the legislative building.”

The Speaker goes on to say he is “disturbed that this incident occurred and that these actions must be taken.” He says the restrictions will be reviewed after “a period of compliance.”

McLellan wasn’t immediately available to comment on the letter.