REGINA -- A Regina doctor is reminding people about the importance of maintaining proper physical distancing to keep the community safe amid COVID-19.

Dr. Danielle Cutts works at a community clinic in Regina and is fighting the pandemic on the front lines.

“The frustrating part for us is people not taking it seriously enough. People have the perception that most people don’t get that sick and ‘I’m not unwell, so why should I worry?’” she told CTV Morning Live Regina on Friday. “Even if you yourself are not seriously impacted in terms of your health, someone in your community will be, someone in your family will be.”

Cutts also said the virus can be challenging due to a wide range of symptoms.

“This virus has quite a spectrum of presentation. There are some people with this virus who have no symptoms at all. Some people struggle with simply a runny nose or sore throat in addition to their fever. So, it is unfortunately a fairly broad spectrum from no symptoms at all to respiratory trouble,” she said.

COVID-19 is spread through physical droplets of the virus, which is why Cutts says physical distancing is so important to prevent the spread.

“Those of us who don’t have symptoms but are trying to minimize the spread are staying home as much as possible. But, if you do need to go out, that’s when you’re really practicing that physical distance, lots of hand washing, coughing into your arm rather than your hands, those measures,” she said.

Cutts added self-isolation is only necessary for people who are symptomatic or are under a medical health order to self-isolate for 14 days after international travel.

As of March 26, Saskatchewan has 95 confirmed cases of COVID-19.