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Abandoned Regina e-scooters should be reported to vendors, city says

The City of Regina is asking residents to report abandoned e-scooters to the appropriate vendor if they come across one.

E-scooters can now be rented for about 40 cents a minute, on Twitter the City of Regina said, “If you see an abandoned or improperly parked e-scooter, report the occurrence directly to the e-scooter vendor.”

The two vendors are BIRD which are the blue or grey e-scooters, and Neuron, which are the orange e-scooters.

BIRD can be reached by phone at 1.866.205.8448 or by email at

Neuron can be contacted by calling 1.866.500.6002 or by emailing

The city launched its first e-scooter program on Wednesday.

Residents can access the e-scooters by downloading either the Neuron or BIRD app and then use their phone to unlock the scooters for however long they would like to ride.

Riders must be at least 16 years old and must wear a helmet. Scooters are not allowed on city sidewalks and are limited to a speed of 15 km/h on pathways and 24 km/h on roadways.

A total of 500 e-scooters are available throughout the city until Oct. 31, weather permitting. Top Stories

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