After 13 years under the ownership of Timothy and Abbey Martin, Atlantis Coffee has been sold to Brewed Awakening.

The shop, located on Victoria Ave. and Hamilton St., is still a busy place on any given afternoon. But Martin said he and his wife decided selling was best for their family.

“Owning restaurants and multiple businesses at the same time, you don’t get as much family time,” Martin said. “Now that our son is five years old, we want to be able to provide some more time for him.”

For the past few months, the owners of Atlantis have been talking with a handful of potential owners, but in the end Brewed Awakening felt like the right fit. The local owners already have five shops up and running in Regina.

“They’ve got a great thing going here, so we’re going to keep things similar,” Ken MacMurchy, the owner of Brewed Awakening, said. “It’s going to be what we usually do here, which isn’t far from what Atlantis has done all these years.”

MacMurchy said their usual menu will be available. Atlantis customers can expect to see familiar faces behind the counter, as Brewed Awakening will be hiring several of them for their team.

While the Martins don’t have any immediate plans for their future, they’re looking forward to taking some time to relax as a family before tackling their next project.

Sunday, March 31 will be the final day of business for Atlantis Coffee, before the owners officially hand the keys over to Brewed Awakening.

MacMurchy said the doors will be closed for a few days as they make some minor tweaks to the store, but they hope to be open for business on Friday, April 5.