The City of Regina is reminding its residents that Blue Cart Recycling  is rolling out on Regina streets starting next week, Monday, July 1.

The program is part  of Waste Plan Regina, and a symbol of the City’s commitment to build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Regina.

“I'm pleased to announce that Regina is ready to recycle," said Mayor Michael Fougere. "By working together, our community can recycle over 40 per cent of our household waste and divert 28,000 tonnes from our landfill each year.”

Recycling will be collected every second week on a different day than garbage collection. Residents are reminded to take their recycling cart out by 7:30 a.m. on their collection day and roll it back onto their property in the evening. Residents are also reminded to leave four feet of clearance on either side of the cart so the trucks can pick them up.

Residents can refer to their delivery schedule or go to to view their collection day and recycling calendar. Residents can also go online to set email, phone call or tweet reminders to make sure they always remember their collection day. 

The program is a parternship between The City of Regina, Loraas Disposal and Emterra Environmental.

The expected cost of the recycling service will cost $91.25 a year which will be added to the city utility bill. The daily cost is reported to be 25 cents a day.

The last of the blue recycling carts will be delivered this week.