RCMP say the number of calls at Craven Country Thunder is down from last year. But, police are still reminding people to have fun responsibly.

On Friday, RCMP responded to 32 calls on the ground, including six assaults, six public intoxications and one sexual assault. According to police, the sexual assault call was for an incident of inappropriate physical contact over clothing, and the victim decided not to press charges.

RCMP also say there was one report of public nudity at the site.

“With regards to the public nudity, we definitely want to support people having fun out here on the site,” Staff Sgt. M.C. Cleary said at a news conference on Saturday morning. “We do realize that sometimes people feel inspired. However, if you feel inspired to dance like nobody’s watching, we just ask that you do it while wearing clothing.”

RCMP also issued 41 traffic tickets and one roadside suspension in the area.