Lotto Max is expecting to draw Canada’s largest lottery jackpot ever, an estimated $65 million.

Hopeful lottery ticket players spent part of their day on Tuesday getting tickets for the night’s big draw. Some players know what they would do with the winnings.

"Just more vacations and take it easier I guess,” said Dennis Dorbot. “Probably do Europe, England, Ireland, Scotland, and France. Other than that nothing much would change."

Other players say if they won the money, they would give to others.

"I'll spread it around,” said one Lotto Max player. “Family first, charities second."

To win the big draw, players need to match seven numbers in the same set and they have until 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday to get their tickets. The draw is expected to be made shortly after that. The big draw includes ten separate $1 million prizes.

"That's a lot of money,” said Robert Savoie. “I'll pay off my debts and buy a house and look after my kids."