REGINA -- The City of Regina’s new green bin pilot project is expected to change the average garbage output for Regina homes.

Food and yard material makes up roughly half of the common garbage in Regina.

“The objective is to reduce 65 per cent of residential waste from the landfill. By reducing waste from the landfill we can extend the life of the landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Kurtis Doney, the City of Regina’s director of Water, Waste & Environment, said.

The participants are adapting well to the third bin. Participants can dispose of food and yard waste in the bins. These materials will be converted to compost.

Regina is one of the only Canadian cities with a population over 150,000 currently not using some sort of food and yard waste program.

Currently, a processing facility for the green bins is only capable of handling the current amount of compost. In the future, a larger processing facility will be needed when the program expands.

The City of Regina is aiming for the entire city to be using the green bin by 2023.