REGINA -- Regina Transit has resumed the collection of bus fares.

The cost was suspended on March 20 to ease the financial burden on those who required public transit over the last four months during COVID-19.

Acting Director of Transit Lynette Griffin said centres like Saskatoon and Edmonton resumed collection of fares weeks ago and Regina decided to follow suit.

“We are following what industry practices are across Canada and looking to what other transit properties are doing,” said Griffin. “Many transit properties across Canada are bring their fares back.”

Saskatoon brought its fare collection back on June 8 and Edmonton’s went back into effect on June 15.

Frequent rider Krista Shore said she is fine with the fares being reinstated but knows other people are not as ready to pay for fares again.

“I am really up in arms about that,” said Shore. “For some communities that have financial barriers, maybe it wasn’t the best to start so quickly given other societal things as in the jobs are still low.”

“I just feel for some people that might not have the money to catch the bus.”

City transit has also modified and removed certain restrictions implemented during the pandemic. Passengers are now allowed to enter the bus through the front and must exit through the rear doors. The city will continue to comply with the maximum of 15 passengers per bus at one time.

“We’ve instituted a barrier for the drivers to keep them and the passengers safe from direct contact,” said Griffin. “In addition we are disinfecting the buses everyday.”

Shore says she is comfortable with the practices the city has taken to ensure safety on public transit. She also respects the drivers for continuing to work through the pandemic.

“From a health care perspective, I respect the policies that are in place,” said Shore. “The bus drivers, I have a lot of respect for them … I’m all for it. I support their health and safety.”

Mask are not mandatory on transit, although it is encouraged. For up to date information about public transit and their COVID-19 guidelines, visit the City of Regina website.