The City of Regina is trying to keep a number of trees from splitting by installing bolts into the trees to pull them back together.

Frost cracks over the past two weeks have caused a number of green ash and elm trees to break in half. Wind chills have reached into the -30 C and -40 C range over the past few weeks.

"We'll go out and assist a tree and determine the health,” said Ray Morgan, the city’s director of parks and open spaces. “Typically we'll put a bolt —maybe two bolts, maybe three bolts —to help secure it and ensure that it is safe for the public.”

City officials say crews have received a number of calls from residents throughout Reginaworried that the cracked trees were dead or dying.

The frost cracks in the trees are repairable. Anyone who sees a cracking tree is asked to contact the City of Regina as soon as possible.

With files from Jessica Smith.