The City of Regina will receive $1.3 million in federal funding to expand gas collection at the landfill through the Low Carbon Economy Fund.

Mayor Michael Fougere says the funding will allow the city to recreate 30 new gas wells, significantly reducing the city’s methane gas emissions.

The city has set a goal for removing the equivalent of 8,000 vehicles’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions.

Regina-Wascana MP Ralph Goodale says this is one of many projects the federal government is looking to get involved with.

“Looking forward, climate related costs are projected to average about $1 billion every year and rising,” Goodale said.

“The problem for all of us is too much pollution. So it makes basic economic, social, health, environmental and intergenerational sense to get serious about polluting less.”

With the carbon tax constitutional hearing scheduled to begin this week, Goodale said this was a project the federal government had been working on for months and the timing was just a coincidence.

Based on reports by CTV’s Joey Slattery