REGINA -- The Provincial Capital Commission says construction on the Canadian National Institute for the Blind building in Wascana Park will continue as it outlines steps to improve public consultation on projects in Wascana Centre.

The provincial auditor outlined a list of recommendations for park projects in her report last December.

Lori Carr, Minister Responsible for the PCC, announced the commission's plans in a report on Friday morning.

“The PCC Board has presented me with a report which outlines a number of actions the commission will be taking to improve transparency and address the concerns outlined by the Provincial Auditor,” Carr said in a news release. “I accept their report and would like to thank the PCC for their work on addressing these concerns.”

Actions include developing a public consultation plan to be posted online, creating a guide and reference tool for major park developments, providing regular and consistent updates on projects, posting meeting highlights on the PCC's website, assessing best practice examples for tenant agreements and reviewing legislation and regulations within the PCC.

“The Provincial Capital Commission is committed to ensuring an open and transparent relationship with the residents of our province, one that is built on dialogue and communication with the public,” CEO of the Provincial Capital Commission Monique Goffinet Miller said in a news release. “I am confident these steps will help ensure that Wascana Centre continues to be a first-class destination within our province, and the centrepiece of our provincial capital.”

The province says most of these plans will come into effect this year, or are already in place.

Last March, the PCC voted to halt construction on the construction project that will house the CNIB until the auditor's report was released in December. The building was given conditional approval in 2017.

The PCC says the project will continue on the 38-stage process for new developments in Wascana Centre that was in place before the project was put on hold last spring.

According to the PCC, the building can continue as long as it shows how land-use will comply with the five pillars of the Wascana Centre Master Plan and will also conduct additional public communications and engagement to discuss land-use for the whole project and not just the CNIB portion of the building.

The building is currently at step 23 of the 38-step checklist, the province says.

Conexus Credit Union is moving its headquarters to Wascana Park. Despite negative feedback, that building is expected to open this spring.