REGINA -- Childcare facilities will be limited to 15 children per building space under phase three of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan.

The third phase has a tentative date of June 8.

Prior to phase three, daycares were operating with a maximum of eight children per building or area.

The latest version of the plan says facilities can have up to 15 children per building, or per defined area in larger daycares. Children and their assigned caregivers must stay together throughout the day and not mix with other groups.

Children should only go to one facility to reduce the risk of transmission. If daycares are in the same building as long-term care facilities, they need to have separate entrances.


The latest version of the plan says staff should try to maintain physical distancing with the children under their care.

With younger children, where physical distancing is difficult, staff should try to minimize physical contact wherever possible.

The province recommends “air fives” and waves instead of hugs and care providers should encourage games that maintain physical distancing. Toys should encourage individual play instead of group activities.

Any personal items like blankets and stuffed animals need to be washed at the end of the day.

The updated plan also says sensory play should be limited. If it’s necessary, children should be given individual toys.


The Re-Open Saskatchewan plan says temperature checks and screenings aren’t required at this time “based on current evidence.”

However, drop off and pick up procedures may need to be altered to maintain physical distancing. These changes could include separate entrances, limiting to one parent and staggering entry times.

Daycares should offer hand sanitizer near doors for staff and parents, but the province says alcohol-based sanitizers are not recommended for younger children.


Children who are sick need to stay home. Staff should check with parents about any symptoms at drop off.

Anyone who is under a self-isolation order shouldn’t come to the daycare.

Parents are asked to monitor their children for any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other respiratory illnesses.

If a child becomes sick while at the daycare, staff should wear a surgical mask and eye protection until their parents are able to pick them up.


The province says non-essential visitors are not allowed at childcare facilities.

Staff should maintain two metre distancing from other staff wherever possible.

Proper hand hygiene for staff and children is important to control the spread of the virus, the updated plan says.


Daycares should increase cleaning and sanitizing for commonly used areas.

The centres should limit the number of toys available and anything used during the day needs to be cleaned and disinfected.

Indoor shared spaces that can’t be cleaned between groups shouldn’t be used.


The latest version of the plan says any food should be served in individual portions to each child at the daycare.

Kids should also use utensils, rather than their hands, to eat.

To encourage physical distancing, meal times should be staggered.

Read the latest version of the Re-Open Saskatchewan