REGINA -- An underwater pumpkin carving contest took place at Lovering Lake on Sunday, where around a dozen divers participated in the challenge.

"One of things I didn't realize is how floaty pumpkins actually are so there's a bit of a challenge getting that pumpkin under water with you, because it just wants to float away," explained Tracy Wilson, secretary with the Saskatchewan Underwater Council (SUC.)

The event also included a lake garbage clean up.

pumpkin carving

“Every time we go out diving we try to pick up trash if we see it," Wilson said.

The launch point at Lovering Lake was decorated in Halloween decorations. Sparkly jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and spiders watched the divers and spectators from trees and the dock.

"We're basically here to foster underwater activities and environmental stewardship. we get a grant every year from Saskatchewan Lotteries and that helps us put on discover scuba programs, dip sessions, events like this," explained SUC president, Brad Nelson.

Nelson and Wilson hope things like underwater pumpkin carving might encourage more Saskatchewan people to see the fun in the sport. Even though mother nature came through with a clear day and high temperatures near 25 degrees, the water is still a chilly 11 degrees celcius.

"Once this is all done, we will take photos and post them to the Saskatchewan Underwater Council’s Facebook page and the pumpkin that gets the most votes will determine who our pumpkin carving winner is," Wilson said.