A family that farms near Pangman, Sask. lost almost everything after a fire destroyed their home Monday night.

The Yellowgrass fire department responded to a call on the Tessier farm at around 6:15 p.m. When they arrived, crews discovered fire had engulfed the north side of the home, and was spreading into the attic.

The fire department said flames had taken over most of the house, so crews worked to protect surrounding buildings and haystacks on the farm. Radville and Pangman fire departments assisted in putting the blaze out, but the house was a complete loss.

“My husband and my son are both on the volunteer fire department, so they got the call when the fire started,” said Wendy Colbow, a friend of the Tessier family.

“By the next morning, it was confirmed that they lost their house and everything in it.”

No one was injured in the fire, but all of the Tessier’s possessions were destroyed. The four children had already bought school supplies for the upcoming year, but everything was lost.

Colbow and her daughters went through their own possessions, and gathered school supplies from years past to give to the family.

Word of the incident soon travelled to nearby communities, and Colbow began a donation drop-box at the Pangman Co-op, where she works.

“Through community donations here in Pangman, (we) have basically got all the school supplies for the students. So, they’re going back to school with everything they’re supposed to have,” said Colbow. “That’s one thing they can check off their ‘worry-about’ list.”

Colbow said the collection is a testament to the generosity of Saskatchewan towns.

“I’ve lived in a small community all my life, so I’m very aware that, when push comes to shove, those small communities back you up. They’re there in whatever way they can help you out, whether it’s the volunteers on the fire department or people dropping off cash and clothing and toys for kids,” said Colbow.

Anyone wanting to donate to the family can do so at the Pangman Co-op, Blue Earth Recycling in Weyburn or at the Weyburn Credit Union.